San Francisco String Trio - May I Introduce to You

May I Introduce To You
San Francisco String Trio

Ridgeway Records

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Mimi Fox - Standards Old and New

Standards, Old and New
Origin Arts 82631

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Live at the Palladium DVD

Live at the Palladium
Favored Nations
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Winner of two 2010 Telly Awards!

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Mimi Fox and Greta Matassa - Two For the Road

Mimi Fox and Greta Matassa
Two For The Road
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Centerpiece (mp3)
I'm Beginning to See the Light (mp3)

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Mimi Fox - Perpetually Hip

Perpetually Hip
Favored Nations 7050-2

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Mimi Fox - She's the Woman

She's The Woman
Favored Nations 7010-2

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Origin 82389

Available digitally only

Jazz Performance class

NEW TrueFire course: Jazz Performance

Mimi Fox presents the four key educational milestones that a jazz player must achieve. In this newest addition to Mimi's four TrueFire jazz courses, Jazz Performance, the student will be guided through the requisite techniques, harmony, improvisational theory, and creative skills needed for the journey. Order the package in two ways: Instant video and performance download for $39 or Data-DVD and Performance DVD for $49.

Or visit the TrueFire site for full package and ordering details.

Mimi Fox - Flying Solo

Flying Solo

Mimi covers it all in Flying Solo: integrated walking bass lines within both blues and standard jazz styles; playing Latin grooves; the effective use of odd meters; advanced melodic and harmonic concepts; the use of voice leading within solos; chord soloing and much more. Get all of the details and view the various ways to order.

Mimi Fox - Graduated Solos

Graduated Solos

Graduated Solos presents an intuitive approach for cultivating the aesthetics of your jazz improvisations, specifically how to construct beautiful, expressive solos using the melody as the template for the improvisation. Mimi Fox presents five compositions constructed with a wide range of progressions that are common to thousands of jazz tunes. You will first learn to play the melody for each composition and work through a detailed analysis of the tune’s structure.

Mimi then demonstrates how to adapt the melody into a graduated series of improvisations using arpeggiated figures, harmonic substitutions, rhythmic variations, motific development, articulation, phrasing and other approaches for building a well-constructed solo and playing with “heart and commitment.”

If your improvisations have “hit the wall” and you’re feeling a bit in the proverbial rut, Mimi’s Graduated Solos course is likely the epiphany you’ve been yearning for!

Get the instant download version for $29 or a Data-DVD for $39

Mimi Fox - Jazz Anatomy

Jazz Anatomy
Several options for ordering - get the details

Jazz Anatomy is a hands-on playing course that gets you up and running without tedious theory and exercises. In this first volume of Jazz Anatomy, Mimi presents five grooves and progressions that are common to thousands of tunes; Major Blues, Minor Blues, Modal, II V I Major and II V I Minor. Get a grip on these five forms and you'll be difficult to stump at the next jam.

Jazz Anatomy is optimized for solid intermediate to early-advanced players and is presented across 2 CD-ROMs (Windows and Mac compatible), features 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, practice tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo. TrueFire's video lesson player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other instructional functions.


Graduated Soloing Book/CD set
Mel Bay Publications
$19.99 - Buy now

"Graduated Soloing,The Mimi Fox Guitar Method" utilizes a unique approach to teach guitarists how to solo with eloquence by using a step by step process where students play "graduated" solos that start with simple melodies and then progressively introduce arpeggios, scales, passing notes, syncopated rhythms,etc. Students will greatly enhance their technique and their musicality as they learn to build elegant solos by using this method.

Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards

Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards
Mel Bay Publications
$17.99 - Buy now

An in-depth approach to mastering arpeggios for guitarists, beginning with simple arpeggio studies, this book progresses through simple concepts and tunes then proceeds to tackle some of the great standards that jazz musicians play. The lesson concludes with advanced arpeggio concepts including super-imposition of unusual arpeggios over various chord types to create startling tonal clusters. This is a must-have for all serious guitarists who want to achieve great technique while developing their sense of harmony. Companion CD included.

** This book has been named one of the top guitar books ever written!! Mimi is honored to be included on the list of the Top 50 Jazz Guitar Books. **

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